Learn How to Massage
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This video will show you how and what a professional massage therapist does during a one hour routine. Follow massage techniques that cover the whole body, it includes stretches for the thighs, calves, hamstrings, lower back, shoulder, arms and neck. The therapist uses numerous massage techniques that are described and applied in different areas of the body put together in a professional 60 minute massage. The video also includes stretches for the therapist.
Learn the one craft that will allow you to please others for money. Working as a massage therapist is not only financially rewarding, making as much as $90 an hour, but also psychologically rewarding because of the great sense of accomplishment it gives you by helping the recipient achieve a better level of relaxation and pain relief. Being a Massage Therapist is very personal because each individual has a different touch, some people are just naturals at it. These videos are intended for recreation only, to give you a thorough understanding of massage strokes, techniques and of what a therapist does during a massage. To find out if there are rules, regulations, registration or licensing to practice massage in your state please contact your state's authorities.
This video is intended for massage therapists wanting to learn a new routine and for anyone wanting to learn how to give a great professional massage!
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Great gift idea for anyone into alternative medicine, massage therapists, bodyworkers or for anyone who wants to learn how to give a great massage!